Topiaries & Specialties

Topiaries make unique focal points for yards and patios. Topiary can be cut in a host of sizes and shapes. In some cases a pruning routine may be required to keep your topiary looking its best. Lincoln Park Nursery stocks several varieties. Inventory is not limited to the list below. New plants come in weekly. Call us if you do not see what you are looking for.

Topiaries & Specialties We Offer

Juniper Pom-Pom
Juniper Spirals
Blue Star Standard
Blue Spruce Standard
Boxwood Spirals

Boxwood Pyramidal
Emerald Spiral
Euonymus Standard
Emerald Pom-Pom
Bird Nest Standard

Tom Thumb Standard
Weeping Spruce
Blue Rug Standard
Twisted Weeping Cherry
Weeping White Pine