Planting Is our specialty:
 ” For over 60 years” for nice people like you, planting is what we do. We are well equipped, licensed, certified and insured. Step into the experienced hands of our talented staff. Designs, Estimates, Installations, Renovations, we will assist you in the selection of the best plants and materials for your project. With two Garden Centers we have acres you can choose from. Lets make it “better together” with your budget in mind. Free Estimates.

We Design – You Dig:

This option provides the “home gardener” that may need a little help on plants and material selections with a computer design and materials list. Just click this link for more details! 

Water Gardens…Home of the Pondless Water Features:
A pond to reflect, feed the fish, and a falls to enhance. How about a Pondless feature with one of our  ” Cored Bubble Boulders”? Add some marginal water plants with some colored lamps for that water chain and a stone bench with a flagstone approach? Come experience our water garden display and gather some “cool” ideas for those lazy days. Free Estimates.

Stone Walkways, Patios and Walls:
Need a patio? Perhaps larger steps to that porch or side door. A stone “Bed Edge” to replace that edging or a wall for the elevation change. Natural or pre-cast stone, flagstone, brick pavers, wall blocks… There are so many style choices these days, creation becomes fun! All of our stone products are quarried or manufactured locally and readily available. Our design staff can help you make it beautiful, functional and affordable. Free Estimates.

Yard Care Service:
Need some help? Lawn cutting, Trim, Weed, Feed, Replace, Re-plant, Plow…We can keep your home grounds or office in shape! By the season or when you are unable, our dependable service is hard to beat. Free Estimates.

Sodding, Seeding and Grading:
Need a new lawn? Having troubles with your existing lawn?  We will inspect and advise you on your best turf solutions. Sod, Seed, Soil and quality lawn care products are always available at our two garden centers. Call us for a consultation.

Tree, Shrub and Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control Programs:

We feed the roots with slow release, water-soluble fertilizers and spot spray weeds with liquid herbicides.  We are certified in handling pesticides and fertilizer for your trees, shrubs, evergreens and lawns.  Be smart and protect your investments. Free Estimates.

NY State Requires companies that sell or apply weed control (herbicides, pesticides) to any lawns, trees, shrubs or ornamentals be registered and licensed with NYS DEC.  We are one of the few legally trained and qualified.  Don’t risk your landscape investment with an unknown.  You as owner can be held liable to injury or damages along with an unlicensed applicator.  If you have a problem, call us for that free estimate.

Trouble Shooting:   

Having problems with your trees, shrubs or yard?  There are LOTS of pest out there with new ones coming. It takes a qualified professional to expose, identify and recommend controls. Call us for a consultation. Yes, we do soil testing at our Amherst Garden Center.